Fixed rate PC repairs. No hidden surprises. Helping since 2009.



We perform diagnosis and repairs on all brands of  laptops, desktops and home network equipment.


Suspicious behaviour, lock-ups or unwanted pop-ups?  Let us remove that malware and clean up your systems!


We can assist with recovery and provide backup solutions to keep your data safe! 


Sluggish performance?  Need additional functionality? We can help breathe new life into your system or build you a whole new one!


Need to harden your home security? We can provide and configure firewalls, parental controls and Internet filtering solutions to improve your online security!


Need to tutoring about your new hardware or software solution? Let our knowledgeable and patient techs enlighten you!


We pride ourselves on eliminating surprise or escalating costs to give you peace of mind. To help with this, we have created a list of prices for commonly performed tasks. In addition to this, if your problem can be solved during diagnosis, it will be - for no extra cost.

If you have a technology concern that is not on this list, contact us to see how we can help!
Short Diagnosis$30
Long Diagnosis$60
Minor Hardare Fix$30
Minor Software Fix$30
Malware clean (Software/Trojans etc.)$80
Setup of iPhone / Smartphone (eg Email Sync)
Clean of internal/external Hardware/Cooling for dust and debris$30
Setup a New Computer (Box to Desk with configuration as per our service schedule)$160
Operating System Install/Reinstall & Config with basic software$120
Custom Software Install$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
Software Tutorial$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
File Backup Setup (Device not inc)$50
Restore Backups$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
Attempted Data Recovery$50
System TUNE UP (Enquire for details)$30
Basic Home Network Setup (No Cabling)$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
ADSL or Internet setup – with your ISP$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
Build New PC from your hardware purchase$120
Build New PC from your hardware purchase with your OS$180
Hardware Install and Testing$30 per component
NAS & Server Configuration (Brisbane Only)$200
Notebook Repairs (Hardware sourced and quoted from Manufacturer)$60 h/r (5min. blocks)
Hardware and Peripheral salesQuote provided for each job/client
Internet security, antivirus & malware software solutions$60 h/r (5min. blocks) + software cost
Parental control & internet filtering solutions$60 h/r (5min. blocks) + software cost
New PC purchaseIndividual quote per job
New laptop purchaseIndividual quote per job


With over 15 years experience in IT and Education, our friendly techs are Here to Help!

Damian Nicholson


Having worked in IT in the public, private & education sectors around Queensland for 15+ years, Damian has the skills and knowledge to help you out with your Home Computing requirements. Can't wait to help you out!

Ben Krueger


With over 15+ years in the IT industry and much longer than that supporting family and firends, Ben has just about seen everything when it comes to supporting home users IT needs. No job is too big or too small! Service delivered with a smile and professionalism.


Our promise to You

When you purchase or have your computer repaired through us, we will return it to you with the following in place:
  • Receives Emails
  • Has a working firewall
  • Antivirus is installed and up to date
  • You can locate files easily (where relevant)
  • Windows updates are current
  • Print without problems


Home Computing Help was formed when we realised there was a serious lack of fast, reliable computer services operating in Kingaroy & Western Brisbane. Due to a lack of serious competition, most established computer companies in these areas did not seem to offer the kind of service, support and reasonable pricing that we felt was necessary. In order to change that, we decided to form our own business and capitalise on years of industry experience to offer a unique experience to customers in our area. Apart from the quality of our service, we also believe in being open and up front with our customers, which is why our pricing is, in the majority of cases, a set fee that is quoted up front - rather than an unexpected ‘labour’ (or some such) charge to be found on your invoice upon pick-up.

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